The one with the out-of-state friends

Photo Credit: Layla Montemayor, Danie Oberpriller, and Bri Speakar
Tue, 12/21/2021 - 16:02

Layla: Hi, I'm Layla Montemayor, and I'm a math major.

Danie: I'm Danie Oberpriller and I'm a biological sciences major.

Bri: I'm Bri Speakar, and also a biological sciences major.

Layla: We all met our freshman year at UNL, and we've been friends since.

Danie: Layla and I met through CAS ambassadors and Bri and I met through shared classes in our major.

Bri: Layla and I are actually roommates freshman year again this year, and I met Danie through ambassadors and classes.

Layla: Although the College of Arts and Sciences is the biggest college on campus, and UNL seems very intimidating with its large student population, it's still very easy to meet new people.

Danie: For instance, we're all CAS ambassadors together and we do a little bit of studying together too.

Bri: Absolutely. You can also get involved in other ways too. Layle and I both volunteer at the same place as well, and we hang out a lot outside of school too.

Layla: Being out-of-state students, it's very intimidating not knowing anybody on campus, but getting involved on campus and getting involved with in your college is a great way to meet new people. 

Danie: It can really help you develop that deeper sense of community that you might think that you're missing going into college.

Bri: And those things are super important for out-of-state so it's a great opportunity to have.