Ovation for Alberto Gomis

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An Ovation for

Alberto Gomis

Student worker
Bureau of Sociological Research

December 2019

“Alberto started at BOSR and naturally rose to a leadership position. He is always helpful to other data workers by answering questions and keeping track of the tasks that need done. He makes sure to check in with full-time staff to keep projects on track and to understand the details of each project. After a quick conversation about the project, he is able to coordinate data workers stuffing large mail projects and get them out on time! Alberto deserves an Ovation!”

• • •

“Alberto has been a great addition to the BOSR team. He is always willing to offer a helping hand and never shies away from any challenging task we might give him. He has also shown great leadership skills and has really flourished in his new supervisory role. BOSR has become a better place since hiring Alberto, and he deserves an ovation!”

• • •

“He has risen above the standard for student worker, participating actively in data collection and taking a supervisory role among other student workers. His work is not only above par, but also he works far more than the average student worker employed at BOSR.”

• • •

“Alberto Quesada Gomis has worked at the Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) for over six months as a transcriptionist and data worker. Due to his performance and natural leadership skills, he was quickly promoted to data worker supervisor. I have the highest regard for Alberto. Alberto is hard working. He frequently steps up and takes control of coordinating mail stuffing projects, organizing materials and instructing others of procedures. The quality of Alberto’s work is always top-notch as well. The work we do can be very detailed, and Alberto is able to keep track of all of the pieces required in each mailing. Alberto is also an excellent communicator. He asks the right questions and always lets me know if anything is askew. ”

• • •

“Alberto has stepped up and shown outstanding leadership skills. He is able to work on a team with others to get projects done but also works independently just as well. He always comes to work with a positive attitude and ready and willing to work on whatever needs to be done. He is never afraid to ask questions. He is friendly to everyone and has a lot to offer our office.”

• • •

“Alberto has been an amazing employee since day one. He has always stepped up to the plate to assist us with whatever we need, and has a very positive attitude with every task. He is not only a very diligent hardworker, but also an overall exceptional presence to have in the office. Alberto always walks into the office with a smile, greeting everyone - bringing a lot of sunshine to our space! Please give him an Ovation!”