Ovation for Katie Baumert

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An Ovation for

Katie Baumert

Student worker
Department of English

September 2017

“Katie has been a student worker in English Advising for two years now. She has pitched in for me and for the main English office many times. She doesn’t simply make copies, help with scheduling, and sign-in students for appointments; she creates a welcoming atmosphere for English advising and ensures that we run smoothly. She understands that students count on the work we do, and she takes this aspect of her job seriously. Last summer, Katie required knee surgery unexpectedly, and during her recovering, contacted the office to see if she could help us send out scholarship letters. She didn’t have to work during her convalescence—She just wanted to help! She cared. And it’s this attitude of persistent care and commitment to helping students that will make Katie an excellent Nutritionist when she graduates, and which makes her an ovation-worthy student worker. Please give her an Ovation!”