Ovation Kaytlin McCasey

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An Ovation for

Kaytlin McCasey

Student worker
College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office

January 2018

“Kayt has been a tremendous addition to our office. In addition to handling the sometimes challenging calls we receive with aplomb, she has a great talent for research projects. On a few occasions, I asked Kayt to complete an extensive research project comparing policies across colleges and institutions. In all instances, her work was swift, thorough, and thoughtfully arranged. Her work on these projects helped the college move forward on important questions in a timely manner. I greatly appreciate all she does for us!”

- - -

“A few years ago the BOTS decided to reorganize our record retention files from paper-based to an electronic version. As a result, Kayt worked endlessly to scan not only the past year, but many files of years gone by. It was definitely a monotonous task, but our project would be nowhere near where they are today without Kayt's assistance. Please award her with an Ovation!”

- - -

“From day one in the fall of 2014, Kayt has been always been willing to do whatever was asked of her whether it was filing, delivering mail, answering phones, taking the office recycling to the appropriate bins outside the office or one of many special projects. Once familiar with her assigned duties, she has consistently taken the initiative to work on those tasks with little, if any, oversight. Kayt is thoughtful and caring. She has interacted well with students as well as faculty and staff in the college. She has been conscientious and organized in her approach to any project. She has always been willing to step in when needed, even taking on extra hours on short notice when we have needed it. Although her hours have been limited as a student worker, we have found Kayt to be an integral part of the office administrative support team and I enthusiastically recommend Kaytlin McCasey for an Ovation Award! ”

- - -

“Kayt is an exemplary student worker! She is punctual, responsible, and trustworthy. We can always count on her to do her work well and with the utmost professionalism. She is an asset to every organization in which she is involved on this campus, especially here in the Dean's Office!”