Ovation for Lace Leatherman

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An Ovation for

Lace Leatherman

Student worker
Department of English

November 2018

“Lace has been an unfailingly reliable presence in our office. She is thoughtful, organized, and takes on new challenges willingly. She has stepped in and helped our instructors get connected to their classroom technology numerous times, and has helped us finally get our department technology inventory in shape. I hope you will consider her for this award because our summer and fall semesters would not have been the same without her! Please give her an Ovation!”

- - -

“Lace tackles every task given to her with great attention to detail and a positive attitude. She has an aptitude for understanding technology and is always working towards finding solutions to problems. Her hard work is greatly appreciated and we are privileged to have her as the CASTech Student worker. She deserves the Ovation award!”