Ovation Nick Hofmaier

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An Ovation for

Nick Hofmaier

Student worker
Chemistry Resource Center

February 2018

“Nick is an outstanding student worker, he has done everything we have asked of him without hesitation. He handles many tasks for us, including setting up the Signup Genius program for TAs to signup for office hours, then downloading the data and putting it in a readable format. He worked at setting up Chemistry Day and worked all day, helping with whatever needed to be done that day, then processed the participant evaluations. He answers questions at the front desk, makes copies, helps with lab clean up, helps with Clean up jobs in the Resource Center and helps us to stay organized, helps to prepare for the Chemistry Evening Exams for 2500. He also does double duty as he is also a Chemistry TA, having taught Chem 109 once and 110 twice. He is very deserving of an Ovation award for going way above average for the department!”

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“Nick is a student worker in our Resource Center. If you are aware of the Resource Center you know it is a hub of activity with over a 1,000 people going through the Fall semester. It is a hopping and happening place. Just the place that needs someone like Nick. Nick is very easy to work with, extremely reliable and in general an all-around great person. He was tasked with washing copious amounts of glassware, not necessarily a glamorous job, but one he did with ease and responsibility. He was even able to joke about it which made him that much more endearing. Nick is a fantastic student worker and thus it would be my honor to nominate him for an Ovation award! ”