Ovation for Taylor Riemersma

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An Ovation for

Taylor Riemersma

Student worker
Department of Communication Studies

January 2019

“Taylor has went above and beyond his student worker position while the LPH Business Coop and all the Departments and Programs moved to 3rd floor Louise Pound Hall. He helped box, sort, clean, pack, and unpack for all the departments and programs. It was truly manual labor for several months. All during this time Taylor kept his sunny disposition even when he ended up with a sore back and tired feet. Along with this he also did his fair share of regular student work for the departments. Taylor is an important part of our student worker team on 3rd floor LPH and he deserves an Ovation!!”

- - -

“Taylor is a positive influence on our group. As a student worker, he brings an upbeat, can‐do attitude to work every day, while handling a very full load of studies. Taylor seeks out clarification on new project if he is unsure of what actions to take, in order to do it right the first time, thus keeping our efficiencies at a high level. Taylor offers up suggestions when appropriate as tasks/projects are completed to help us make improvements in the future. He works hard but also works smart and is an asset to our team.”

- - -

“Taylor is always willing to help in any way he can. He is always cheerful and helpful and happy to work with anyone to get something done. Taylor is a problem‐solver who works creatively to assist others in managing issues that come up throughout the day. He is a wonderful addition to our department and I see him as exceptionally deserving of this award!”

- - -

“Taylor is kind and warm young man who helps make our department a fun place to work. As our office student assistant you can always rely on Taylor to get things done with a smile. He was critical to our recent move from Oldfather to Pound Hall. He packed and unpacked so much and was eager to help all the faculty. His enthusiasm for his job touches everyone who visits our office.”

- - -

“Taylor has done very good work as a student worker for us for two academic years. With our move to Pound Hall he took on the BIG job of packing boxes for five different units. He worked so long and hard I feared he would have cardboard poisoning! He is kind and of good cheer and always a delight to be around. Taylor is a thoughtful person and hard worker.”

- - -

“We recently moved from Oldfather to Pound Hall. Taylor worked all summer in our Oldfather offices packing boxes and labeling them to make the move more efficient. He helped faculty members in Communication Studies, Classics and Ethnic Studies pack their offices. He became an expert with a tape gun. And kept us all smiling even when the move became exhausting. The entire process would have been more difficult if Taylor had not been helping. Since our move to Pound Hall, Taylor has unpacked as efficiently as he packed. He has also helped faculty members unpack and get their offices at the stage where they can work. Taylor has been a huge asset. We want to thank him for all his hard work. He continues to work in our new Pound Business Coop where he is much appreciated.”