P&T Follow-up: Promotion in Practice Ranks

Follow-up Correspondence with External Reviewers: Promotion in Practice Ranks



Dear NAME:

Thank you for agreeing to assist us by providing an assessment of the work of [NAME OF FACULTY], a candidate for [PROMOTION TO ASSOCIATE or FULL Professor of Practice] in [UNIT1].

Enclosed you will find a copy of [NAME OF FACULTY's] current vitae and a statement in which the candidate describes the impact and significance of their contributions. I have also provided a link to a secure SharePoint folder containing [BRIEFLY LIST CONTENTS; YOU CAN ALSO INCLUDE THE LINK HERE]. Let us know if you have any trouble accessing the contents of this folder. I can also send you hard copies if that is what you prefer.

I have attached a copy of a signed waiver form. [NAME OF FACULTY's] signature indicates that they have [SUMMARIZE THE WAIVERS, IF ANY, THAT THE CANDIDATE HAS SIGNED]. We shall consider your reply to be confidential to the extent permitted by law and the signed waiver. Your letter will become part of [NAME OF FACULTY's] promotion file. This file will be evaluated by a faculty review committee within our department [ALTER THIS PHRASE IF JOINTLY APPOINTED], the College Promotion and Tenure Committee and Dean, the Executive Vice Chancellor, and the Chancellor.

OPTIONAL PARAGRAPH -- INCLUDE ONLY AFTER CONSULTATION WITH THE CANDIDATE: The materials provided for review also include a COVID Impact Statement describing the ways in which the pandemic impacted the Candidate's program as well as an Institutional Pandemic Fact Sheet that documents the ways in which the pandemic impacted our university and our community.

The Professor of Practice track at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln is a career pathway for non-tenure-track faculty whose primary contributions are to the teaching mission of the university. Faculty of Practice receive multi-year contracts with substantial notification requirements for non-renewal, are represented in Faculty Senate, and have full voting rights as faculty with the exceptions of evaluations related to tenure and any constraints imposed by the bylaws of the appointing units. Professors of Practice at any rank are eligible for Faculty Development Leaves after six years of full-time service to the university.

The candidate's appointment at UNL includes the following apportionment of duties: XX% research, XX% teaching, XX% service, XX% extension, and XX% administration (include only categories with nonzero apportionment). Because of this emphasis on teaching, the promotion decision will be based primarily on the candidate's contributions to the teaching mission of the university.

We seek an independent evaluation of:

  • the quality, significance, and impact of the candidate's teaching contributions to date, including non-classroom work related to the teaching mission of the university such as, e.g., course development, oversight and mentoring of graduate teaching assistants, and pedagogical innovations;
  • the candidate's trajectory and prospects for continued scholarly growth and achievement;
  • the candidate's national or international reputation, if appropriate to the nature of their work;
  • other factors you think may be of importance to us in evaluating the candidate's capabilities, accomplishments, and reputation.

Please begin your review by identifying your current rank and institutional affiliation and the relationship, if any, that you have with [NAME OF FACULTY] (e.g., dissertation or postdoc advisor, current or past collaborator, or former colleague). If at all possible, we would like to receive your assessment of [NAME OF FACULTY's] work by [AN APPROPRIATE DATE GIVEN THE UNL AND COLLEGE PROMOTION AND TENURE SCHEDULE]. You may send the review to me by e-mail [E-MAIL ADDRESS] or by FAX to [FAX NUMBER].

We know that these evaluations are time-consuming and we thank you for your help with this very important process. Please let me know if you have any questions.


[TITLE, e.g., “Professor and Chair"]


1 If jointly appointed, stop last sentence before [UNIT} and add the following: [NAME OF FACULTY] holds a joint appointment in the [FIRST UNIT] (%FTE) and the [SECOND UNIT] (%FTE) with his/her tenure home residing in [APPROPRIATE UNIT].