Seceleanu receives Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize

Photo Credit: Alexandra Seceleanu
Mon, 02/26/2024 - 15:03

Alexandra Seceleanu, associate professor in the Department of Mathematics, has received the 2024–2025 Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize from the Association for Women in Mathematics and Cornell University.

The prize is awarded annually to a woman recently promoted to associate professor or an equivalent position in the mathematical sciences. Part of the prize is a fellowship that supports the awardee spending a semester in the Mathematics Department of Cornell without teaching obligations.

Seceleanu joined the University of Nebraska—Lincoln in 2011 as a postdoctoral research fellow and became an assistant professor in 2015. She has received support and recognition for her work with National Science Foundation (NSF) grants.


"Seceleanu works widely in commutative algebra with interests in both theoretical and computational aspects. Among her many interests are free resolutions of modules over Noetherian commutative rings and ordinary and symbolic powers of ideals, especially those ideals of interest in algebraic geometry. In addition to more conventional research contributions she has also made significant contributions to the computer algebra system Macaulay2. She also has significant undergraduate research mentoring experience. Since 2020 she has served as a mentor for the Polymath REU supervising large groups of 20-23 undergraduates each summer on collaborative research."