Symposium on evolutionary genomics is Oct. 11-13

Photo Credit: N banner
Tue, 10/08/2019 - 13:01

The second Symposium on the Evolutionary Genomics of Adaptation will be hosted at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln on Oct. 11-13.

The interdisciplinary symposium aims to share advances on genome-to-phenome connections in natural and domesticated systems and the genetic basis of ecologically important traits. It will include evolutionary geneticists, agricultural and animal scientists, entomologists, conservation biologists, resource managers, and science communicators.

There will be a full scientific program focused on evolutionary genetics and genomics and a half-day session highlighting research with applications in conservation, agriculture and animal science, resource management and science communication.

Faculty members Colin Meiklejohn, Kristi Montooth, and Jay Storz have organized the event. The symposium is part of a National Science Foundation grant supporting research aimed at a better understanding of how certain genetically based adaptations among animals and plants have evolved in response to environmental challenges.

Visit the event web page for more information and registration.