Ten CAS students are inaugural First Husker graduates

Photo Credit: First Husker pin
Tue, 05/07/2019 - 11:43

Ten of the college's May 2019 graduates are part of the inaugural cohort of graduates who participated in the First Husker program, which offers support and guidance to first-generation students to help them succeed during their first semester of college and beyond.

  • Trevor Fellbaum, computer science
  • Caleb Schmidt, physics
  • Makala Reeves, English
  • Jasmine Allen, psychology
  • Diana Molina, biological sciences
  • Claire Bartels, global studies
  • Jessica Van Buskirk, psychology
  • Ashley Vanderworker, psychology (graduated December 2018)
  • Edmon Adams, computer science
  • Lindsey Bremer, environmental studies