Women in Raikes Program find community together in male dominated school

Photo Credit: Women of Raikes school
by Alex Lucke via Daily Nebraskan Wed, 09/02/2015 - 15:26

Rebecca Dahlman, a junior computer science major, is part of the 11 percent of females that graduate with computer science degrees. 

“It is...intimidating when you sit in a regular computer science course and notice that only 10 out of 80 are women, or in the case of my sister, who is a computer engineer, noticing that you are the only woman,” Dahlman said. “I do feel like I can’t afford to make a mistake, because I am afraid of being judged harsher than others based on my gender.”

The 33 women in the Raikes school currently make up 27.27 percent of total enrollment. Both Raikes and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are taking initiative to increase that number.

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Photo by James Wooldridge.