Addie Schneider

Addie Schneider




History, Political Science

Waverly, NE

Why you chose your major

I've always been fascinated by the way humans use language to document human experience. I love exploring new and historic ideas and thinking about their implications to human interactions. I hope to use my English major content to lead secondary classrooms in the future.

Favorite course

Honors History Course called "How Did We Get Here: From the Englightenment to Donald Trump;" we talked about broad themes of American culture and how they culminate into our modern political and historical situation. Also, how these themes of American life can help us think about our future. I love discussing big questions such as: What makes us American? This course was equally challenging and engaging.

Research, education abroad, or internship experience

I am involved in physiology research through the Department of Political Science at the CB3 looking at biological and physical reactions to political stimuli and how that can reframe the way we talk about what makes a liberal and what makes a conservative.

I was blessed to study abroad with the Nebraska at Oxford program through the business college. Even though I am not a business major, the courses were crosslisted to fit my degree plan. I was able to study Shakespeare as an English major in his home country, which added relevance to my education and heightened my awareness for cultural significance. Additionally, I was able to mingle with other Nebraska students I am not used to interacting with on campus.

Other involvement

Greek Life- Chi Omega: Through greek life I have been able to connect with a plethora of different individuals on campus, have connection to new RSO's, internships, and service opportunities. Additionally, I interact with driven, empowered women everyday who encourage me to be the best version of myself and reach my career and personal goals. For Chi Omega we volunteer with Make-A-Wish Nebraska and get to help children with severe illnesses realize their dreams!

Why you chose Nebraska

I was determined to go elsewhere and be different from my Nebraska-obsessed family. However, after touring MANY college campuses around the country, Nebraska was home. I couldn't imagine cheering for another team or walking around any other campus. It had the combination of liberal arts and research-driven education that I was craving and allowed me to develop an entirely new respect for the college town i had called home my entire life!

Student Ambassadors group

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