Danie Oberpriller

Danie Oberpriler


Biological Sciences (Pre-Medicine)


Mathematics, Dance (through HLCFPA)

Austin, TX

Why you chose your major

I chose to major in Biological Sciences because I am a (hopeful) pre-med student, and I really enjoy science. I had spoken to my advisor and wanted to choose something with a good foundation, and also be able to look into other areas of science.

Originally, I had just paired this with a Dance minor that I wanted to pursue because I've been dancing since I was little, and it was a good stress reliever, therefore it made sense to continue dancing in school. In taking Calculus, I always liked Mathematics, but I really loved it when I took MATH 106. I talked to my advisor about continuing to take classes in Mathematics, and we added a Math minor.

Favorite and/or most impactful course

Math 106 (Calculus I) with Professor Gonzales! I loved this class! In high school, I had taken Calculus, but wasn't the biggest fan. This class though was so much fun. I enjoyed every second of it; Professor Gonzales knows how to teach really well and offers wonderful support from answering emails really quickly to having office hours every day of the week.

It really helped my first semester go well to know that this was a class that I could do, and helped make me knowledgeable in my available resources.

Research or internship experience

One internship experience I've had was working in a general surgeon's clinical office over this winter break. I absolutely loved it. Not only did I obtain experience by working with patients, but I was able to shadow behind the doctor and watch a few of his in office procedures.

I also got to see the research and insurance side of health care, which was really interesting to see how it all integrated.

Other involvement

I am involved in American Medical Women's Association.

Why you chose Nebraska

I decided to come to Nebraska because I loved it! When I first started looking into colleges, I visited a few in my state, and I was interested, but none really felt like somewhere I felt I fit. They all had things that I wanted in terms of academics, good connections, ect but didn't quite feel right.

My grandfather went to Nebraska back in the 1960's and I've got family up here, so I decided to look at UNL. I have photos of me in Husker gear since I was a baby.

When I came for my campus visit, it just felt right. Everyone it seemed was wearing Nebraska gear, and there was just an amazing sense of community. I knew that I wanted to go here and it would be a good fit for me.

Student Ambassadors group

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