Saisha Adhikari

Saisha Adhikari


Biological Sciences, Psychology (Pre-public health)


Humanities in Medicine

Omaha, NE

Why you chose your major

Well, my major was picked for me. Growing up I knew I had to be either a doctor, lawyer, or engineer to satisfy the rest of my family and the competitive Nepalese society. However, I grew immense fascination for the human body and science. Understanding the way humans operate and why we function this way are topics I have always been fond of. Luckily, my majors help me answer my questions, but also show me that science is a continuous discovery full of curiosity. There is still so much we are unaware of, and that is the most exciting part.

Favorite course

Intro to Women's Literature, ENGL 215, has been my favorite course so far in college because it gave me a chance to form and express my opinions on important topics. This was one of the first classes I took that didn't fit with my major so I was hesitant that it wouldn't suit my interests, however, I saw the dramatic impact of interdisciplinary courses. In English, I was required to be creative, which helped me conquer problems in classes like Organic Chemistry, that also required creativity. I have become a more open-minded person due to the deep discussions we had in class, and I am thankful I can use these skills in different aspects of my life.

Research or internship experience

In the summer of 2018, I interned at the Department of Neuroscience at Nepal. I shadowed neurosurgeons in the operating room and kept track of patients' illness, treatments, and discharges in the ICU. This was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life because I witnessed cases and hardships that I have not seen elsewhere. My interest in global healthcare originated from this internship, and I am eager to go back to Nepal and make a difference.

Other involvement

I'm involved with ASUN, Child Maltreatment Lab, University Health Center Board Chi Omega, and College of Arts & Sciences. For ASUN, I am co-chair of the Diversity & Inclusion committee where we strive to serve the underrepresented groups on campus, and make efforts to increase diversity. I have absolutely loved my time in this involvement because of the new cultures and backgrounds I have met that have opened my eyes to a new perspective. I believe bridging the gap between International and Domestic students at the University is extremely important, and this committee is taking steps to reach that goal.

Why you chose Nebraska

I chose UNL because it felt like home. Not only that, but the way people talk to each other here is one you cannot find elsewhere. We treat people like our own, and greet everyone with a smile. The slogan, "Nebraska Nice" definitely lives up to its name, and makes me glad that I didn't migrate out-of-state.

Student Ambassadors group

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