Advising FAQs, Forms and Tools

See common questions by Arts & Science students and basic responses along with links to related forms you might need.  Keep in mind, this page is no substitute for connecting with your advisor regularly. Not sure who your advisor is? You can identify your assigned advisor in MyRED.  The Academic and Career Advising Center in 107 Oldfather is available for general advising needs, too. 


Courses, Schedules, Grading

How do I add or drop a Course?

How many credits can I take per semester?

Can I change the way my course is graded (Pass/Non-Pass vs. Letter Grade?)

Is it possible to withdraw from a course or a whole semester after the deadline to drop?

Will changing my course schedule/plan affect my financial aid/scholarships?


Major, Minor or Degree Planning

How do I change my major/minor?

What is my catalog/bulletin year, and can I change it?

How do I run a Degree Audit?

I need to submit a degree plan. What do I do?


Retroactive Credit in Math and Language

I am starting at a higher level than typical in Math or a Language. Can I earn credit for the classes I am skipping over?

How do I apply for this credit?


Education Abroad Credit

When is the best time for Education Abroad, and how do I learn more?

I plan to do Eduation Abroad. How can I get my courses pre-approved?

I have returned from an Education Abroad experience. What happens now?


Transfer Credit Evaluation

I am an International Student with credit needing evaluation. What do I do?

Transfer credit from a U.S. institution:


Substitutions and Waivers

I have transfer credit that I think should apply to a specific requirement in my degree. What can I do?

What can I do to be excused from a specific degree requirement?


Academic Probation and Dismissal

Why am I on probation?

I am on probation. What do I do?

Who are the Academic Recovery Coaches for Arts and Sciences students?

Why did I get dismissed, and what do I do?

Common Forms

Advising Tools


The MyPLAN tab in Blackboard connects you with your instructors and advisors. Use MyPLAN to schedule appointments on-line.

Undergraduate Catalog

The Undergraduate Catalog contains academic information and curricular requirements for a specific year. Know what year’s catalog you are following for the most accurate understanding of your degree requirements.


MyRED is UNL's student information system portal. Use MyRed to manage your course schedule and grading options, monitor your accounts and view your unofficial transcript.

Degree Audit

Use your Degree Audit (inside MyRED) to assess your progress toward your degree including ACE, CDR and major/minor requirements.